SECU4Bags: Product information

  • Credit-card-sized, it is the first alarm system in the world which works seamlessly in partnership with a Bluetooth® mobile phone
  • A must for BUSINESS & LEISURE TRAVELLERS who want to protect their valuables
  • Efficient at 100%, it provides you the best protection AGAINST the theft, loss and forgetting of valuable objects such as laptop bags, briefcases, handbags, purses, wallets, etc.
  • Linked to a mobile phone via Bluetooth® wireless technology and an easily and quickly downloaded application A preventive, active and deterring alarm system that alerts you directly at the time of theft, loss or left-behind Automatic update of the phone's application and the card’s firmware application
    Compatible with 95% of on-line application stores and 90% of mobile phones Alarm volume adjustable up to 100 decibels Swiss design and development guaranteeing innovative and impeccable quality
    Made for iPhone/Made for iPad Distance protection can be configured from 5 to 30 meters